Ethical Directives



Diálogo Andino, Journal of History, Geography and Andean Culture, is committed to the academic community and the publication and dissemination of the results of specialized research that contributes to the body of knowledge in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, and which guarantees the publishing of original and high quality research based on associated ethical principles.

Our journal adheres to a strict protocol that supports the actions of all those involved in the editorial process of the publication of scientific articles. This protocol enables a timely response to the requirements of researchers interested in publishing the results of their original research in Diálogo Andino. This protocol aims to ensure the quality of published articles, protecting and respecting the content and integrity of data.

All of the professionals involved in Diálogo Andino are highly committed to the editorial tasks of clarifications, corrections and retractions of those involved when necessary.

The editorial body declares that it is aligned with best practices related to the review, selection and publication of articles To this end, Diálogo Andino has a system of arbitration which is posted on its website and available to all interested, for the selection of articles as well as the evaluation criteria to be applied by anonymous peer review by external evaluators outside of the editorial board.

The selection criteria are periodically reviewed and updated, if necessary, by the editorial board of this journal, the essential foundation of which being scientific relevance, originality, clarity and relevance of the work to our publication.

In addition, our magazine guarantees at all times the confidentiality of the evaluation process: the anonymity of reviewers and authors; the content evaluated; and the evaluation report issued by the evaluators and other communications issued by the members of the editorial committee, and scientific advisors where appropriate. This confidentiality also covers possible clarifications, complaints or claims that an author may wish to make to our journal or evaluators.

Diálogo Andino, Journal of History, Geography and Andean Culture confirms the respect and integrity of the articles and materials already published in the journal. Thus any act of plagiarism is prohibited under any context or foundation and manuscripts that are detected as committing the above action will be deleted and not published by Diálogo Andino. Our publication and the editorial board acts quickly in these cases.

Finally, it should be mentioned that by accepting the terms and agreements expressed by Diálogo Andino, we act in good faith and ensure all work and materials used in drafting and writing by authors are original and do not infringe any copyrights. Authors must also clarify when authorship is shared that there was a consensus of those involved in the publication and that it has not been previously published in other avenues.


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